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Neeraj Choubisa (Nikku.dev)

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What I Do

I do code, learn various things in Web3 universe and post my learning on Linkedin.😊😎🚀

More about me

I build new projects just to tickle my brain and love taking parts in hackathons and web3 events.

I am a student full stack blockchain developer from india who is always searching for opportunities and make some impact and Money


  1. Winner of Eth India Polygon Defi Track (2nd Position)
  2. Winner in Push Protocol Eth India
  3. Winner of Devhack 4.0 Hackathon Organised by IIT Dharwad
  4. Winner of Toyota DAO Hackathon Organised by HAKUHODO KEY3
  5. Top 10 in Electhon Organised By Hack To Skill
  6. Runner-up in ICC-NextIUM Hackathon
  7. Runner-up in DComm Valhallah Hackathon (Dectralised Communnity)
  8. Lead a team in Smart India Hackathon Grand Finale
  9. Runner-up of Smart India Hackathon
  10. Runner-up of Binance Ideathon
  11. Completed Alchemy Unversity Web3 Course
  12. Internship Zoth Real-Estate Tokenization as a Full Stack Blockchain Developer
  13. Internship Sterl-cent as a Full Stack Developer
  14. Internship App-Avengers as Full Stack Blockchain Developer


  • JavaScript
  • Solidity
  • C++
  • Smartpy
  • SQL
  • Web3js
  • Truffle
  • Mongo DB
  • MERN
  • API
  • Live in Web3 Space
  • Blockchain Development
  • Nft's
  • Hardhat
  • Tquito